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Fuel Saving Tips

Follow the 2-6-12 sec rule.

I follow the 26-12 sec rule. taught in the motorcycle safety school. basically you look ahead and keep scanning the traffic 2 sec ahead of you- where you will be in 2 secs at present speed . This is to make sure you have reasonable distance. 6 sec ahead of you - 4-5 cars ahead of you. this so you can react before the driver in front of you reacts to a de-accelerating event. 12 secs - when you can see the freeway far ahead because of crests and troughs. This so you can keep aware of the traffic conditions and slow down in advance when you see score of lights some 1000 feet ahead of you. All this helps in saving gas. I myself saved abt 10%$ or more.

posted by USCGTO on December 14, 2011

this tip works for 91% of voting Fuelly members.

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