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Fuel Saving Tips

Ignore that tail gater

We've all been there... you've gotten up to the speed limit on the freeway, you've set your cruise, the car has settled in at a nice calm 2,000 rpm in overdrive... There's no passing lane but someone in a big hurry is... well, in a big hurry. And they paste themselves to your rear end. This can make you nervous and agitated, maybe even angry. But your cruise is set for frugality and you are following the rules and not breaking the law. Turn your rearview mirror so you can't see them trying to eat their steering wheel, and focus on a calm relaxing drive. You aren't doing anything wrong, and resisting the bully behind you will end up saving you money. There's also this to consider... we all understand the concept of drafting. You get into the tail wind of the car ahead of you and there's less resistance, increasing your fuel ecnomy (and in the case of racing, your top speed) tailgating of course is unsafe and in most places, completely illegal. What the person trying to commit sodomy to the back of your poor escort doesn't know (and a lot of other people too!) is that by following someone closely... you are helping them reduce drag on the BACK of their vehicle, which also improves fuel economy. YES REALLY. Tailgating might make you have to push less hard at the air in front of you... and someone tailgating you will help the air flowing over the back of your car, improving your MPG. So turn the mirror, put them out of mind and stay steady on the throttle or leave the cruise where it is. The tailgater is helping you save money!

posted by Texas on January 7, 2012

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