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Fuel Saving Tips

Pay full attention, FOCUS! Avoid braking.

Watch 3 or 4 cars ahead of you, not the one right in front, so if you see a turn signal, or traffic light changing, or any other obstacle, you can take your foot off the gas sooner, reducing not only fuel burn but brake wear as well. The key is to avoid braking! Every time you step on the brake your fuel mileage goes down. And if you do have to brake, accelerate smoothly afterwards. If you do what you are supposed to do when driving, which is DRIVE! IE... turn off the radio/mp3 player, turn off the cell phone, put down the make-up, keep your mouth shut, and give FULL ATTENTION to driving, you will then be able to look ahead and anticipate what's going to happen resulting in a fuel savings of 15% or more!

posted by tower0ne on August 24, 2012

this tip works for 97% of voting Fuelly members.

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