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Fuel Saving Tips

drive the apex to reduce driving distance

On a 4 lane divided highway, driving closest to the apex of the turn can reduce your overall driving distance, while getting you to your destination faster, this does not directly affect fuel economy, but driving less distance means more fuel will be left in the tank to get you further down the road! As with every other time you are behind the wheel of your vehicle, you have to be aware of your surroundings, only change lanes when there are no fast approaching vehicles in the other lane, and it is safe and clear to do so, Most sharp turns will have a safe speed posted before the turn, and some turns will be marked to discourage lane changes. Do not cross solid yellow and white lines, or into merging lanes, I also suggest you use turn signals as required or as a courtesy to let others know your making lane changes intentionally, (and likely avoid being pulled over by the police) Although this sometimes means being in the left lane throughout the turn, it is the shortest route thru the turn, on a long trip this can add up quickly Additional Tip, Zoom out your GPS view and you can see upcoming turns preemptively and be in the correct lane ahead of time Also Google "Racing Line" to learn more on cornering, Early Ideal and Late Apex for the next time your on a familiar road in a capable vehicle and have the road all to yourself.

posted by crazywj242 on December 1, 2012

this tip works for 30% of voting Fuelly members.

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