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Did you know that about A/C?

Most newer cars will activate A/C when you select the "Defrost" or "Defrost + feet" setting on your heater (hot setting) to accelarate the defogging/defrosting of the windshield. Unfortunately, it doesn't activate the A/C indicator, it's a "stealth" feature. If you forget about the setting, and keep the setting to "Defrost" during all your commute, then the A/C is on, without you knowing about it. Make a habit of always changing the setting to "feet only" or "feet + face" once the windshield/side windows are defogged. Some cars may even automatically activate the A/C when set to "extreme cold" (all the way in the blue), again without lighting on the A/C indicator. You can set it to one notch before extreme cold to avoid it if the temperature (heat) doesn't call for A/C. Check your manual to know the specifics of your model! Having A/C on without being aware may be costing you dearly!

posted by ct200hfan on December 16, 2012

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