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Fuel Saving Tips

Plan and be consistent.

High MPG is helpful but using your head on when and how to drive can save a lot more. Going to or from work or another errand? Great time to fuel up if it's on the way. Hungry? If you can, stop at your destination and combine a little walking with grabbing your meal. Flexible on when you go? Driving at times when traffic isn't as congested is generally more economical of course, but often less congested equals less stressful too. Driving distracted (eating, talking to others in the car or on the phone, reading, playing a game on your phone, ...) is not only dangerous to you and others. It typically also has a negative impact on performance and therefore fuel economy. How fast do I speed up? Mash on the accelerator or barely push it? The trick is to use a fair amount of throttle so you get the most fuel efficient use of power while reaching the desired speed but not so much that the engine is working extra hard. This varies from vehicle to vehicle. Altitude, air pressure and humidity also play a role. Tire pressure - as recommended is usually best though the one in your guide or on the sidewall? Usually up to the sidewall indication but not more and check it before you get in to go somewhere every time. If you use pressure caps, this can be a simple look. Following another vehicle too closely is dangerous and often illegal but following at a safe distance at highway speeds can be helpful, especially if the other driver is driving at a compatible speed with cruise control set similarly to yours. Mail order saves having to go out. Last for now - use the phone to avoid unnecessary trips. here's no point in going somewhere to get one thing if they don't have it.

posted by ItalianHonda on March 19, 2013

this tip works for 92% of voting Fuelly members.

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