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Fuel Saving Tips

Don't Overfill

You could be throwing money away or worse. Most modern vehicles are designed for the filling nozzle to be fully inserted and for you to only re-try when it stops once or twice. If you add more fuel than that it could leak out the airlock when you pull away. Fuel will also be cold while it is underground and it expands slightly on hot days. If your tanks is too full then it leaks out of the airlock and onto the road surface, wasting your money and lowering your perceived MPG. Worst still; spilt fuel is a hazard to other road users, especially motorcycles. If you have ever notices a rainbow effect on the road; usually on wet days, that is likely to be spilt fuel. If a tire goes through this it will loose grip. Save yourself some money and possible save someone elses life. Don't overfill your tank; it might cost you a couple of miles total range but it could save you and others a lot more.

posted by jwpPHOTOS on June 12, 2013

this tip works for 93% of voting Fuelly members.

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