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You can measure a person's intelligence by how fast they speed up to a red light. Judging by how often I see this occur, I have to question most drivers. Look further down the road and watch the traffic lights. If there is a red light, slow down and coast up to the red, do not speed ahead like a shortsighted driver. And for the people on your azz? They will get a lesson in efficient, intelligent driving as their car is still rolling when the light turns to green, saving everyone gas mileage as well as unnecessary wear on vehicle breaks. In smaller cities this works amazingly well. In bigger cities some stop lights are quite long so this may not work AS well, but still, no one, and I mean NO ONE should be speeding up to a red light. Do not let foolish drivers behind you rush you up to a red light. Intelligence must own the day.

posted by Peakstar on June 20, 2014

this tip works for 92% of voting Fuelly members.

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