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Add air to tires during low humidity weather

The more water vapor in your tires, the more variation there will be in air pressure between cold and hot temperatures. A science experiment from grade school proves this - add steam to a can, seal it, then freeze it. The can collapses. Most air compressors do not have a dryer. Therefore, the water vapor in the air is compressed into your tire along with other atmospheric gasses. A proposed solution is to always add pure nitrogen, which does not contain water vapor. However, this can be inconvenient and costly. A "free" answer is to practice adding air to your tires when the dewpoint is low during cold months or on relatively dry days in the summer. If you believe you have a lot of water vapor in your tires now, you could let out most of the air in your tire after they are hot from a highway drive on a dry day, then add new air back up to the proper pressure.

posted by EngrPaul on June 27, 2014

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