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I found a great way to increase gas mileage after reading about hypermiling. Fact granted, those around me don't like it that I am at (or under) the speed limit, but they don 't pay my driving expenses. Hypermiling has improved my gas mileage by 30% -- instead of 2 days on a tank of gas, I am now averaging 3 days per tank. To learn about hypermiling, type the key word (hypermiling) into any Web browser I am assuming that those who are members of this Web site care about fuel efficiency. Many drivers do not realize that fast accelerations, fast breaking, tail gating and weaving in and out of traffic also lowers gas mileage. Heavy breakers, and those who are impatient will realize their mistakes -- at the gas pump. In my own driving experience, air conditioning reduces gas mileage by about 25%, which is staggering. Needless to say, I pray for cooler days, and only turn on the air as a last resort...but humid days in 90+ degree weather can make anyone wilt, so it is sometimes unavoidable. I wish you great gas mileage and safe driving to your destination!

posted by photostitch on September 6, 2008

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