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Tire pressure...

If you read the side wall of a tire you will see it tells you the max pressure @ the max load. This is because you will need this pressure to carry that load. If you are at lower load you will need a lower setting. Pressure has to match the load and when it does your tires will wear perfectly flat. For this reason you should never follow the recommended pressure from the car makers. You should be working out your own for your car or truck as you normally load it. With that in mind, most times you can run it higher and gain more savings in fuel then lose from wearing the tires out faster, all without hurting safety. But, also keep in mind to high can be a safety issue if you go to far. It is however always safer a to 5 pounds high over be 5 pounds low. When they are low the side walls will flex more building way more heat and destroying the tires. It will also reduce your control of the car when the tires just fold over when you are trying to turn.

posted by Crf450r420 on September 28, 2014

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