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Slow down earlier and coast

If you can judge the timing of a light with sufficient advanced noticed, *sometimes* it helps to brake harder earlier. I'll give an example. I have a light on my commute at the bottom of a long hill. If I keep going 55-60mph, the odds are high that I'll have to come to a complete stop at the bottom. Usually within 10-15 seconds it turns green and I'm accelerating from zero. If I see that there's a sufficient line of cars waiting for it to turn, it helps if I apply the brakes earlier. My car will slow down into the 30mph range and by the time I get near the line, the cars are moving through the light. My car just coasts through and I can accelerate from there rather than from a dead stop, preserving significant momentum. Obviously this has limited usage in stop and go traffic, but is useful for those area where stop lights are put along lesser traveled roads.

posted by sbilik on September 26, 2008

this tip works for 95% of voting Fuelly members.

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