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..Automatic Transmission Suggs..

..ok, coasting is best with a manual transmission, but it also can be effective with auto-trans vehicles..however, putting an automatic into neutral at a prolonged stop actually ups the RPM the engine runs at, for most vehicles.. ..i've found watching my RPMs, instead of my actual MPH, is a better way to try to adjust my automatic mini-wagon for better fuel efficiency.. ..i mean, sometimes i'll be barely pressing the accelerator (or even just trying to coast) & the automatic transmission shifts to a lower gear/higher RPM.. makes sense to use the gas to make sure your engine doesn't downshift, i usually happens on slight inclines..accelerating a bit there keeps my Outback from dropping a gear & upping the RPM from around 1500 to 2500.. ..results may vary, so get to know the idiosyncrasies of your own ride.. l8r, fellow-fuellyers!>> --c.

posted by cee on November 2, 2008

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