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A cx swap prolly not, even if the hx is a little big it is efficient.

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"I don't think my lean burn works right but I don't want to pony up for a new O2 sensor. Are you sure there isn't much of a difference between HX and CX/VX transmissions? I think HX, DX, LX are all the same gearing"

1996 - 2001 HX final drive is 3.722. 1992 - 1995 CX/VX final drive is 3.25. My '95 DX hatchback has a final drive of 4.058. If I get a 6% FE improvement by swapping in a CX/VX tranny (per the other member who did the same CX for DX tranny swap), then you are not likely to get much more than 2 - 3 % improvement.

Someone recently posted on another thread about a rough running problem w/ bad FE and it turned out to be the O2 sensor. If I were you, I'd pony up the $$ for the O2 sensor. Based on the FE in my wife's HX (w/o the mods you've done to your HX, nor the efficient driving techniques), it's highly likely that the bad O2 sensor is the source of your poor FE. And I wouldn't waste my $$ or time w/ a VX engine swap either. Trust me, the HX is an efficient machine. You just need to correct what's wrong.

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Yeah, but the engine doesn't run rough at all and I've checked the o2 sensor using the guidelines from Haynes. It checks out fine, but occasionally (every 5-8000 miles) I'll get a check engine light on and it is always the primary O2 sensor.

I'll take your advice about trying to get the HX lean burning running right. I guess I just need to check the O2, like some have done here, while I am driving.

Thanks everybody.

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