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Lifting a Civic hatchback?

I am fixing to buy a Civic CX with a VX engine. The interior is all f-ed up, so the price is right. But one thing I don't like is that it was lowered -- apparently it was owned by a racer type in a previous life.

The lowered suspension is a problem because I occasionally work (and frequently play) in the mountains, where gravel roads are the norm. The stock 6 inch ground clearance would be fine, but I fear this lowered setup could make driving on anything but pavement almost impossible. :-/

My question is this: What are my options for (temporarily) lifting the car?

I see: (1) Replace with stock springs, (2) Replace with after-market higher-clearance suspension, or (3) Replace with some sort of adjustable suspension, like those really cool dudes who bounce to the beat. ;-)

Your thoughts are much appreciated! Thanks.

EDIT: Temporarily raising the clearance would be great because I am usually on pavement. I don't care one bit about handling when it's raised as long as it's OK when it's lowered.

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If it were me, and I had the money to do it, I'd go for some sort of air-suspension system kinda like the older Lincolns. With some sort of adjustable system so I could raise and lower it.

On my '85 Continental, there was a switch in the trunk to turn off the air suspension system. It was fun to get several of my fattest friends, get the car to adjust to trim with them in the car, turn off the suspension system. When they got out of the car, it had several more inches of ground clearance. Never tried off-roading with it like that, but I'm sure it would have worked great.

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You best bet is to go to the salvage yard and get a full set of struts.
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Yup, more cost-effective would probably be stock suspension from a junkyard. Bagging it (installing an airbag suspension leveling system) would be pretty cool, though.

There's plenty of bagging suppliers listed in a Google search.
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