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Monitoring VX Engine/Sensors/ECU

I'm interested in monitoring engine running condition for the purpose of diagnostics and better understanding of what is going on under the hood.

I know I can use multi-meters or borrow oscilloscope, but it would get cumbersome to monitor more than a couple sensors/solenoids. Is there an interface board and software that I can use with a laptop? This way I'd have a nice real-time display with data logging/post processing capabilities, hopefully on the cheap

It looks like by tapping in to ECU wiring I can monitor:
MAP Sensor
Throttle Angle Sensor
VTEC Solenoid
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
O2 Sensor and A/F ratio
Intake air temperature sensor
Injector openings
IACV Solenoid engagement
EGR Solenoid engagement
EGR Valve Lift Sensor
Fuel pump engagement
Radiator Fan engagement
A/C Compressor Clutch engagement
EVAP Purge solenoid engagement
Crank position sensor
Knock sensor
Alternator Charging Signal
Electric Load Detector

More info here:


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A PIC microcontroller and associated circuitry could handle the vast majority of those signals no problem. It would obviously be a very DIY project of course.

Other than that... some interface with lots of digital (on off) inputs for Vtec, VSS, fuel, etc, and analog inputs for MAP, throttle, etc. I suspect you'll still have to write your own software to make it good for much.

I'd do it, but I currently am seeking employment so I can buy my CRX shell...

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I'm hoping to find something more readily usable. I saw there is a MPGUINO MPG Gauge based on OpenGauge source and Arduino platform.

That project is focused on just MPG display, but may be there is some more generic laptop-based automotive monitor? I think there are several commercial solutions for OBD-II but I'm yet to see anything for Honda OBD-I. Does it exist?
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There are several that work with obd-1 honda ECUs, but none that I know of that work with the VX ECU which allow you to keep all the functions of it.

Mostly these software programs are meant to help you get more performance out of the engine.
Check out
or, or for more info.

On the never-ending quest for better gas mileage...
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