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I like this. Its interesting that people on here are interested in civic's. I've been a member of other forums where the focus is more on HP and repairs and not so much mileage. but even so you have to do a lot for a honda to not get good mileage regardless.

Well anyway, there's one other person that I know of, well a person thats recorded his build that's running high compresion on 87 with minimal timing retard in certain areas. I personally am running up to 7psi on 87 with 9:1:1 cr (more or less depending on what some head work did to the chambers and the 3 layer HG I running). I'm really not pulling any timing at all. -.6-.7 per lbs of boost. and non out of boost. the effective ratio is 13.7:1. no detonation

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Originally Posted by civic lover View Post
Maybe you can put a thicker head gasket on the motor to get rid of some of the high compression. Not sure if they make a gasket thick enough to supplement your problem. Just a thought...
You then start to get into quelch issues and if severe enough of a difference over the stock gasket, cam timing issues.

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IMHO if you're going to go through the trouble of wiring up the car for the Z1 head, you might as well just swap in a full Z1. It's safer and easier to deal with should any issues arise.

There is a person local to me (we shall call him Mr. Uninformed Ricer) that swapped a Z1 head onto a B7 block. He retained the B7 intake and exhaust manifold along with the B7 injectors. He also used the P06 ECU though. The car will not even run for him anymore, he can barely even get it to start.

The car did run for about a month though. But then he told me that it started misfiring and running worse and worse. I told him that was because the motor was knocking severely. And now it won't even stay running anymore.

I told him that when he swaps the head out for a Z6 head to give me a call so I can inspect his pistons and see how bad they look.


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