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Which O2 sensor for VX???

I am placing a 92 VX in an 89 DX. I have most of the things needed, i.e. harness, ecu, etc. but I am looking at o2 sensors for the VX and boy do I get some different prices. I have seen some without connectors for as low as 50 bucks and others that go as high as 400! My question to the forum is how many wires should this sensor have for my installation? I have seen both 4 and 5 wire sensors that claim to fit the 92-95 VX...how can this be? Also, can I get one that makes me use my old connector or do I need one complete with connectors? If anyone can post a link or pm me a link with some good sample sensors that will work and hopefully fall below 100 dollars would be greatly appreciated.

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You will need a 5 wire O2 sensor.

Double check your ecu and make sure the last 3 characters have an "A00" or an "A01". This is the Federal (49 state) ecu that uses the 5 wire sensor and allows for lean-burn. If it has "L00" then it'll be the CA version that uses the 4 wire sensor. The CA ecu did not allow activation of lean-burn.

As far as prices... eBay seems to be the source for most folks. Can't provide a link but search there. Perhaps others here have had good experiences with a particular vendor. Best prices I've heard for 5 wire wideband sensors are $185-$230 range. Don't get your hopes up for anything cheaper (tho you can get lucky sometimes on eBay).

The ONLY sensor that will work for your engine is the (Honda part # 36531-P07-003) sensor made by NTK designated the L1H1. Bosch resells the NTK with their part # Bosch 13246 but it is still the NTK L1H1 sensor.

The L2H2 that many cataloges say supercedes the L1H1 won't work (from all I hear).

Good luck. Hope you find a good price.

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Oh, and I'd probably recommend against any sensor that has had the connector removed (or needs installing) as these sensors have resistors embedded in the connector that are sized *specifically* for that sensor. Changing/splicing connectors could likely result in problems. (tho for $50 it may be worth the risk)
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