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Originally Posted by DarbyWalters View Post
The arrangement (not so much the closeness but the curved shape) you have now might actually be sending vortex(s) tumbling into each other.
Yeah, that seems possibile. The manufacturer recommends putting them a certain distance from each other, about like pictured, supposedly because they do interact somehow. So putting them, say, offset by about half a wavelength, that might do something bad.

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Good point, you'll probably just get the high pressure area of one feeding into the low pressure area of the next one and all you'll get is churned up disorganised air for your pains.

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Just looking at it purely as a comparison to where the vortex generators are mounted on the Evo MR (proven to do what they are supposed to do), you've got them way too far forward.

I think, therefore I doubt.
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It rained today. At about 40 mph the rain ran straight down the back window. Nothing stayed on the back window. The car definitely has more drag. I pulled 4 off and put them on the trunk lid. The rain wrinkled up the backing on the peel off paper. Not sure how that will work out when I want to permanently attach them.

I know that vortex generators can energize the boundary layer so the flow stays attached. I just don't follow why that is going to make less drag. The molding around the sides of the back window appears designed to cause separation. Is it really beneficial to resist that separation. These really look like they would be more suited to an XB or some other box.

I know one wants attached flow for control on an aerodynamic surface but I am not sure the attached flow will lead to less drag unless I can get a pressure rise behind the car.

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