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Originally Posted by jadziasman View Post
Okay skewbe and mighty mira,

I get your point. Following the herd does not make you right. And yes it's very true that it is the speeders in the gas guzzlers who are really the selfish ones. How do you change their behavior?
You take a stand and drive a fuel efficient speed in the slow lane, and perhaps communicate why you are doing so with a bumper sticker pointing to a website so that they know you aren't just old or retarded - the savings are significant. They still might not agree with you or think it's worth it, but at least they know the rationale.
I doubt that crude oil will ever crash again due to the demand in China and India - whom I have a suspicion my grandkids will be serving quick rice and curry to at sometime in the not too distant future. Chinese and Indian families will be driving to places they used to walk, bike, or motorbike to. And - they will have the money to do so. We gave it to them in exchange for consumer goods and services. So, carbon dioxide will fill the skies at an ever increasing rate - Kyoto or not.
We see fuel prices going the same way. As for CO2 emissions, the technology is there to reduce oil consumption by an order of magnitude (at least with consumer vehicles, and considering trains as an alternative to trucks). With a really big price shock, things would get done REAL quick, and faster than exponential population growth. A tenfold increase in price amounts to something near a SHTF situation, and those in government can get REALLY practical when it comes to that sort of thing.

A hybrid velomobile is still faster than the horse can sustain. Two people in a tandem velomobile would go faster yet. More self sufficient communities mean less need for global movement of resources and finished products. Civilization will certainly not end with oil usage diminishing, but it will be "not as we know it". So as to CO2 emissions being ever increasing, I'm skeptical.

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Never been pulled over doing the same speed as everyone else. been passed by a cop (no lights) doing 90 with traffic in 55 tho.(chicago's 294 N at 3am)

As they say, you don't have to be the fastest gazelle on the plains, just don't be the slowest. or in this case the fastest car on the freeway. So long as you aren't in a caravan of corvettes going 130, they won't pull over the whole group, only the people going 5 faster than the group or out in the middle away from the group.

course in the last year or so I've slowed down unless I'm on a day rate at a bad job in which case see above. when I was at a dealership picking up auction cars getting paid by the hour something clicked along the lines of "hey whats the rush?"

IIRC for an 18 wheeler anything over 40 tons GCVW (US tons...80k lbs) is an oversize load and very uncommon. at least here in IL. once you calculate the mpg/ton they blow cars away though. your car is 3,500lbs (that's metro/corolla size fully loaded) and gets 30 mpg doing so. the rig is 80,000 lbs and gets 4 mpg. you do the math

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i feel safer in a small car cuz if worst comes to worst i can either squeeze thru some small places or just bounce off stuff.

but on intercity interstaes yea as logn as your not in the top 10% of speeders cops dont care. we usually go 65-70 on chicago interstates when its posted 55 and even we get blown away! usually we can find a few cars in the right 2 lanes goin about us and we just kinda stick together.
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Originally Posted by jadziasman View Post
Following the herd does not make you right. And yes it's very true that it is the speeders in the gas guzzlers who are really the selfish ones. How do you change their behavior?
You don't -- you can not take responsibility for someone else's actions. You can, however, be responsible with your own actions As we all know, changing the view of another is VERY difficult... It's easier to change the product that they buy (hybrid SUV - yeah, it sucks -- but people aren't yet willing to move on away from them).

And tell me. What usually happens to the perpetrator after the "accident", hmm? Yes, he/she might get a ticket and you might have to go to the hospital.
? Usually (given the suggested severity), both parties have to go to the hospital... And someone gets a ticket in the mail And odds are, the person doing the hitting is more likely to be 'totaled' given all the "stuff" in the front portion of his/her car

It is, after all, a speed limit. Of course, in cases of a speed minimum - don't go below that
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Update on the Interstate.

I-94 west of Detroit has a speed limit of 70 mph with a minimum speed of 55. That's really funny because you can be ticketed for going too slow although I doubt that happens very often if ever. The truck speed limit is 60 but I don't see too many semis driving that slow.

Since gas has stayed above $3 I have noticed that many people are driving slower which is great. I can drive 70 and not have to worry about being tailgated constantly. I wish gas was $4 a gallon. Then, many people would be driving 60, making it easier to stay with a slow pack of traffic. I will probably get my wish by next Memorial Day.
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Simple fix for many of us who want to go slower than traffic speeds. Trail a heavy big rig. They usually go 55 or under (sometimes when climbing). Basically people will see you no matter what because they see the truck first. On the other hand you can lead a tractor too, just don't go too far from or or people passing the truck will be thinking you were passing the truck too, not realizing your actual speed.

Basicaly trail a tractor like a pilot fish clings to a shark.


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