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Astonishing and appalling

Here, you want something besides fuel economy to chew on, get a load of this:

This is what happens when you get too many people per square inch.

Old EPA 23/33/27
New EPA 21/30/24

New EPA12/14/17

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Re: Astonishing and appalling

I can't even bear the thought of watching that video. Just reading the article disgusts me.


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Re: Astonishing and appalling

The sad thing is that I can picture this happening in this country. I've seen videos of bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists being hit and laying in the street. Most people's main concern is "How can I get around this guy so I can get to work on time?"
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Re: Astonishing and appalling

Sad yes but eh i dunno why im not shocked haha

Why was a 2 year old clearly allowed to be in the street (aka no parent around) but when you see starving people daily, barely making enough money to survive and buy the necessities, the hard labor it takes to cultivate your own crops and or make things you cant afford to buy (clothes etc) all in a country where the police are useless and will beat you for making them mad, country where they prize male babies but kill /abort/give away female babies. Nah doesn't surprise me at all.

other is overpopulating this planet is the #1 problem but noone wants to even mention it as how do you "fix" that?(especially in this country with all our politics and morons having WAY to many kids) mass steralization? Random killings of low IQ people (another book i could write haha) wait for another black plague to spread?

who knows...hopefully ill be worm food before major crap happens
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