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Depending on what kind of job I land upon returning to the USA, I would like to get a Lexus diesel. The IS looks pretty sweet, so here's to hoping that it ends up making the trek to North America.

Otherwise I will probably be bouncing around in a VW diesel of some sorts.

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I'd like a 88-91 civic wagon 4WD like Dax. Realistically I don't want any other vehicles. Maybe an insight, I'd take a Fiero under the right circumstances. My brother had a Volvo S60 type R. It was real fast and luxurious, he also had an acura rsx type s and now has a bmw 330i. I'd like a 335i Maybe an M3, an Acura NSX, some type of keicar, maybe a keicar truck. I really like the koenigsegg cc. I want to build a car, perhaps not from scratch, but that is very unlike any other that I might want from the factory.


my favorite thread
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The S60 R is really nice. I don't think I could afford a type R though. I'm basically looking at the 2001 models... the first ones they built. Body is essentially the same, so it could pass for a new car.

We got an S80 1999 model for $7200 on ebay. Luxury car all the way. It only had 79,000 miles too. It's amazing what you can get on ebay.

It's a shame that cars cost so much in Canada. The S80 we got was about 50 grand brand new... yet it cost almost the same as a 1991 model Miata.. crazy.

88HF, why do you want a Civic wagon? I'd much rather have an (operable) CRX.

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I kind of like all the cars that are currently avalible to me, even more so now that there is a Honda N600 around, if my civic vx died, and my '83 civic was no longer around I would start looking for, in order of priority:
Kawasaki Ninja 250.
2nd generation CRX.
A 6th generation (96-00) civic hatchback with an HX engine, and VX tranny.
2006-07 VW TDI Golf
Honda Insight.

And if I needed to haul more stuff then I do, and needed 4 wheel drive, then I would get a diesel toyota tercel wagon.
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atomicradish -

Hrrmmmmmmm, realistically? A six hour trip. Can't say I would pick any that are comfortable enough for the trip. How about a 3 hour tour instead?

Attachment 642

But anyway ...

Pontiac Vibe - White with unpainted plastic lower body, base version with MT

Saturn SC1 coupe, last year made - I have overcome my distaste for the revised bodywork in favor of lower miles on the odometer. Assymetrical 3rd suicide door!!!!!!!!!!

2002 Mercury Cougar, if I didn't care about the MPG or repair bills.

A last year-made CRX.

A Del Sol that I could transmogrify into a fake CRX.

Maybe a Saturn "Astra" coupe when it comes out. It depends on the fuel economy.

.... Then there's not very realistic ...

New CRX :
Attachment 641

Manx SR (all time favorite kit car on shortened VW bug chassis) :
Attachment 640

Porsche 550 Spyder Kit Car

Fiat Punto, Fiat Punto Grande, Fiat Panda

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Old School SW2 EPA ... New School Civic EPA :

What's your EPA MPG?
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Originally Posted by atomicradish View Post
88HF, why do you want a Civic wagon? I'd much rather have an (operable) CRX.
Are you kidding? the Wagon looks WAY cooler and is four times as practical - four seats compared to two, four doors compared to two, four times the storage space, RT 4WD!!!! To each their own though.
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Originally Posted by atomicradish View Post
What kind of car are you realistically hoping to get in the next few years? ... I'd like to get a more reliable car in the next few years to make the 6 hour journey between home and college.
For a 6 hour trip it kinda depends on how much crap you're hauling around, and how often you take the trip.

I'm gonna get the one I'm building.
It's going to be one of the cars on my survey, see ( for pictures.
My top 3 choices are the Jaguar XK120, the Mercedes Gullwing, or the '41 Willys Coupe.

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Originally Posted by Peakster View Post
The Del Sols do intrigue me, but I haven't seen a soft-top version yet.
Unless you find a custom one or have one made, you won't. You have two options... Targa top, and power targa top. As with most of the cool Honda tidbits, you'll only find the power version in Japan.

Well, I have next to no income these days, so realisiticly I could only see myself picking up a Ninja 250R in the next few years. If my income picks up and I need something with more than two seats, maybe a 5th gen Civic hatch or a Fit. If I win the lottery or otherwise have money to burn, an S2000, Lotus Elise, Exige or Ariel Atom.
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Old 07-02-2007, 10:27 AM   #19
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An early 80's VW or Benz diesel with a manual. The crappier looking the better as long as it runs. I will convert it to run on veggie oil.
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I found a 1984 Pontiac Fiero for sale the other day when I was in Saskatoon at a Honda dealership. The car looked just like my old one, except this was an SE model so it had more power options. It also only had 53,000 miles on the odometer.

I took it for a test drive and immedately fell in love with it... then the Salesperson told me the price: $4,950 . I told them I'd buy it that day for $3,600 taxes in, but they said the lowest they could go was $4,600 taxes in.

$4,600 is a lot of money for a 23 year-old car (I bought my '85 model for only $2,200). And here I thought I was going to have yet another car here at GasSavers.

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