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I Want Answers

1. Who will attend Castro's funeral?

2. In the greater San Francisco Bay Area dozens of hospitals are adding entire buildings. Why?
We knew Obama planned taking over healthcare, meaning hospitals......so, why continue construction? Do they know something that maybe we should?

3. The evening 'eyeball news' reporter reported that the rise in gas prices has offset the savings of the extended Bush tax cuts.
Hmmmmmm, did politicians engineer that to keep the same amount of money flowing to government?

4. Is ignorance bliss?

5. The documentary; "Inside Job" does a very good job of chronicling the collapse of the world economy. It takes names and kicks butt.
Nobody who caused it been prosecuted and nobody has been punished. But Obama has them fixing things. Why?

6. Every election; we are told that government will have to furlough or fire the cops, firemen, paramedics and teachers if we don't agree to pay more taxes.
Why them?
Why not the bureaucrats?

7. Why do guys wear their pants below their butt?

8. President Jefferson dispatched the Marines to Tripoli and they kicked butt because pirates captured a couple American ships.
Today, Somali Pirates hold 30 ships and 600 hostages.
Makes one wonder.....

9. Why don't they teach speed-reading and memory courses in grade school?

10. When I am out of cash......I can keep on spending. Until the credit runs out.
Why can Obama.....and Congress, spend money my great grandchildren have not yet earned?

11. Where is it dark enough to see the stars?

I use and talk about, but don't sell Amsoil.
Who is shatto?
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Re: I Want Answers

12. Why do individuals and companies HAVE to budget to survive, while ALL levels of government do not?

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Talking Re: I Want Answers

Originally Posted by shatto View Post
7. Why do guys wear their pants below their butt?
I don't know, but I sure wish it would become a fad with women.
#47 on my way to #1
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Re: I Want Answers

A possible answer to #7 is

In prison an inmate advertises their "availability" by wearing their pants low.

Or so I've been told...


I've never understood the " spend your way out of debt" thing. I was taught when the money runs out stop. It might be why I haven't had a credit card until very recently. Even so I don't carry any balance on it.
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Re: I Want Answers

The question is, does shatto care about gas saving, or just everything else?
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