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MTV may have just ruined my alter ego

Well, on weekdays I'm an upstanding citizen - regularly called a tree hugger for my quest to save gas and I even yell at people that work for me when I see them throwing plastic and cans in the trash can instead of the recycle cans I have provided for them.

But on Saturdays I slide my shades on, roll up the sleeves on my plain white T and hop into the 500hp beast and tear up the roads (when there is no other vehicles around). Ocassionaly I'll run into a little ricer kid who thinks it is an old car built to just look good, sometimes I prove him wrong - again, no other people around as I don't want the possibility of hurting someone if something goes wrong.

Well, last night as I was watching MTV's "Pimp my ride" my wife was walking by and heard them say "biodiesel". She stopped and watched and saw they were building a 800hp '65 Impala that ran on biodiesel. Of course she mentioned that this is what I should do for my next project. Also the car had a hemp interior. She loved it. I do think it looked good. They ran it and had a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds - pretty good.

As far as other fuel sipping high HP cars, my cousin has a Civic that has 500+HP and "detuned" will still return 29MPG.

For me, a diesel project such as the one MTV did won't be in my near future. Money restricts me from tackling such a project as well as I just don't have the heart to do it to my next project. So for now, I'll be the treehugger on the weekdays and the Hot Rodder on Saturdays (not every Saturday either).

Some links to what happened on the show, I guess it originally aired Apr 22.


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That's so pimp! I've been telling my uncle to run a diesel in one of his F100 restorations, but he's set on 383s for both of 'em. Your cousin's car should be getting at least 40mpg in "tune". It needs better gearing.

Originally Posted by FormulaTwo
I think if i could get that type of FE i would have no problem driving a dildo shaped car.
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Saw that...

Ah the Twin-Turbo 6.xL GM crate motor running on B100 -- torque out the arse! No smoke either (hmmm...) Fun for the weekends...

But I want my daily driver "pimped" with a small JDM or UKDM, low emission 4-cylinder -- like the 1.3L in the Fit. You rarely see those conversions on TV -- "green" but not excitingly so...

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lol pimp my ride has produced some ugly cars with a whole buncha impractical stuff...
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