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I found this site because I was interested in researching my (then) newly aquired Geo, simply looked up "Geo Metro" on Google, and found the MetroMPG website. From there I found this place.

The thing I love about gassavers is that unlike most other forums, there's hardly any 'trolling' going on here, and people are really openminded. That and gas being nearly $5 a gallon in my area

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I was doing a search for "ScanGauge" and wound up here ...and stayed .

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I was searching for mileage tips online after I had the Green Machine for a few months. I decided that all of the mainstream tips from the EPA weren't enough., and kept looking for better things to do. After alot of searching on google, I found this site.
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SVOboy gave a link in the forums. Gassavers was still a fairly new site back then.
2008 EPA adjusted:

Distance traveled by bicycle in 2007= 1,830ish miles
Average commute speed=25mph (yes, that's in a car)
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I dont remember..I think I was researching acetone more after coming across lubedev website. I ended up here somehow..dunno.
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I don't remember for sure, but I think I found it through yahoo search. It wasn't easy to find.

Amazingly, FE is not something the mainstream forums deal with. I guess it is not "cool" to do modifications FE or drive for better FE. At my work every one is asking why I have my grill partially blocked off, like I am an idiot. I tell them it helps save gas, and they act like I am crazy. I tell them everything I've done adds up. They they say, "okay, whatever works." in a suspicious tone... Then they talk about how the "tornado" saves 25% gas and Acetone doubles your mileage, and I tell them that is a myth, go see (or do) the A-B-A testing...
85 Chevrolet. 30 MPG or bust!
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I've been here since before here existed, , beat that!
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well uhh i existed before you even existed before the internet existed! :P I WIN!

LOL jk

but on my truck forum, if your in the 4cyl section, most people want to increase thier mpg, and we openly share. usually no fights. (lol one guy seemed mildly annoyed cuz were in there chatting about how much our mpg was (some have gotten over 30 in a 3,000 lb truck) and was liek WHAT no way that is possible blah blah blah..) but the same goes for the people who want more power and all they say "drop a v8 in it" lol gets annoying after a while..
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I was expecting to move and be stuck with 80 miles of commuting each day, so I was looking into aerodynamic and other FE improvements, and wound up here...
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Greenhybrid got me here. Way back was mentioned CleanMPG people mostly talk about technique for getting better mileage and GasSavers does technique AND mods. I'm all about mods to squeeze even more MPG. That being said, now that it is is June it has been 4 years since I REALLY got serious about saving gas. Before that, I cared a little - but not enough to change the way I drive (like an a hole back then)

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