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not exactly new but this is a cheap and very reliable car, and ugly

I seriously would consider buying it if I didn't already have 9 cars in my garage(almost all needing fixed).

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I think you can get your current ride working right. Although my 85 Accord was unkillable (except for the idiot rear-ending me) I was ready to swear off Hondas after I got my Civic. But after a month of hair-pulling it's been fluids and filters. Keep at it and you should get there too.

My Civic was in pretty sad shape when I bought it, with low brake fluid (brake/abs light on) and paint/body issues. She asked if timing belt changes were really needed in her Accord! Then it stranded me with a loose alternator wire, so I decided to tackle everything else before I got another tow. I pulled the motor, swapped the clutch, redid the CV boots, etc. Then the radiator went, but I had swapped the fluid so maybe they had used some stop-leak on it. Then the brake pedal started slowly crawling to the floor at a light... I thought 'new master cylinder, shouldn't have pedal-pumped in the new fluid', but on the freeway back home I stomped the brake right to the floor with nearly zero response. I got through that OK, then it started acting up randomly. Tach going nuts, stuttering, then fine, then crap. I thought it was ignition, so I swapped out everything from the rotor out... no help. I finally found the loose ground bolt. After another month the O2 sensor went, nothing since.

It was 4 months from the tow to the O2 sensor, but 2.5 years since then with no issues at all. Hondas break like any car, especially if you mess around or neglect them. But mine did go from negect to routine maint at 160k, and still pulls hard to redline. Good enough for me.

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