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What is it?


I use and talk about, but don't sell Amsoil.
Who is shatto?
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chrysler K car
one of the best lines of car chrysler ever made.
i've had four of them(three station wagons, one sadan)
from 81 to 89 all the parts were the same for all models
the station wagon would seat six comfortably and get 30MPG


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I had one too. It was fairly unusual in that it kept trying to catch on fire. Kinda annoying sometimes, I think the fire department was getting sick of my calls.

A friend of mine had a wagon, it had a speech module to tell you stuff about the car "a door is a jar" etc. Ahead of its time for sure.
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I want the Mark Cross Edition LeBaron Wagon with turbo motor. Leather, space, 35mpg with some tweaks, and scoots damn good when you want it to.

Orrr the H-body derivative Lancer/LeBaron GTS...

Marvin is only close to the perfection that was the K-car, but such compromises give me seating for 7, near a ton of payload, 3500lb tow rating, or I whip the seats out and have the space in the back of a midsize, or short bed fullsize truck. (About 7 feet long at the floor, 4ft between the wheelarches) Bear in mind that the front suspension and steering etc is identical to K-cars, and you'll realise how durable they are if looked after.

Snow? If you have trouble in snow in a K based vehicle, your driving style or the weather severity was going to put you off the road or get you stuck in an AWD or 4x4 anyway.
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My family had several K cars, and my sister had an 89 Dodge Aries that same color! Great little cars, good mileage, rode nice, and they just "felt" better driving them. My dad used to choose K cars for his company vehicles. When given the choice of a K car, or a Cavalier he said the K car "Felt like a real car"

One of my aunts had one... A Dodge 600 I think that had the voice module. It would say "Your door is ajar", and she would yell back at it, "No! My door is a door!" And who can ever forget the low fuel warning. Her response: "I will buy you some gas, when I get some money..."

The nicest one we had was an 88 Lebaron that my mom had. Digital dash and everything. The only problem I ever had with that car was one of the freeze plugs had rusted out, and dad replaced it with one of those rubber compression type plugs (put it in, tighten the bolt, and the plug tightened in the hole.) I only drove that car once every few months, but it seemed that every time the freeze plug popped out, I was driving it, and it always seemed to happen late at night too so I'd have to put it back in the dark.


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I always wanted to reprogram those voice modules on the "K" cars with things like:

"Your door is a portal to another dimension"

"Your door is a pizza"

"Your trunk is messy. Clean it up."

"Your door fell off two miles back"

and so on...
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