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Hypermiling in Calgary

Hello Everyone!

I am a reporter and photographer from The Calgary Journal, a community newspaper organized through the Mount Royal University journalism department. I am researching a story about Hypermiling, and why it is interesting and who does it and why. I would love to find someone in Calgary, or Alberta (if I must) to talk to me about why you do it.

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Re: Hypermiling in Calgary

I started because my 4cyl accord was getting ONLY 25mpg average per tank. My Girlfriends v6 Monte Carlo SS was indicating 27 mpg. I knew it was something to do with me. So I started. I managed to get 37mpg very consistently in the warmer months. 34 or so in winter. For me its about saving some cash. I now have a '02 Civic Si, not the best for hypermiling. I cant even keep up with the heavier '94 Accord...

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Re: Hypermiling in Calgary

We do it because we are smarter, more intelligent and better looking than those regular goofs driving around like zombies. We have an average IQ of 145, have a smug, superior attitude that can only be found in academia or polititicians. Our never ending quest of the minutia of all that is involved of squeezing out the best MPG possible is legendary. Our waking hours are consumed with MPG, MPG. We live in the world of cold, hard facts. Do or do not,(Yoda?) You may contort, twist, condense, embellish, omit any or all of what i have posted as you are a reporter and, i am sure, will do so to make it fit whatever space that is allotted.
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Re: Hypermiling in Calgary

realize that most of us are average joes trying to save a buck here and a buck there so that we can make some other parts of our lives better. I personally drive ~20,000 miles anually (and have for the past 5 years at least). my job doesn't require me to drive but my situation causes me to drive a lot.

my question would be, why not save gas if I could. it's the same as cutting the heat down a degree or two in the house or even foregoing the nice cut of steak to get a good hamburger. it is a way of not only doing your part environmentally but also saving money to buy the kid more toys or take a better vacation during the summer.

there again, just my take on it. I am not as extreme as some but I do what I can.
Be the change you wish to see in the world
--Mahatma Gandhi

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I'm from Europe, and I do it for fun in fact.

I'm not to serious about it, but since my company decide to provide me an hybrid car I found the idea of trying to do my part to help the environment also cool so I decide whenever I can to beat my own records in the most safest way possible

So for me is just a challenge of beat myself everyday.

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