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Version 2.1 Issues

Well, I was excited about today's major update, until I opened the app. Almost none of the data points are correct, and the app vehicle settings revert to Miles/Gallons no matter what you choose.

Screenshot of main page:


AVG L/100km: wrong. Should be 8.2
LAST L/100km: wrong. Should be 11.2
BEST L/100km: wrong. Should be 5.4 (also, how can LAST be better than BEST?)

Total Distance Tracked: wrong. Should be 18687
30 Fuelups: wrong. Should be 63

Screenshot of logs page:

None of the L/100km totals (right side of each entry) appear to be correctly calculated. No idea what's going on here.

Looking at the JAN 7, 2015 entry:
- 6.6 L/100km should be 11.22
- Liters added is the correct number, but displayed as gal.
- Price per liter is correct amount, but displayed as gal.
- Trip distance is in miles

Sorry to say, but It seems like the app is a big mess.

I'm using the app in Montreal, Canada.
My web settings are L/100Km and Km.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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Just sent you over a Fuelly Mail request for some additional details regarding your device settings. Once I get those I'll run some additional tests and follow up with you via Fuelly Mail. Once we get it resolved I'll post back here with the resolution. Thanks and sorry about the continued headaches!

Fuelly iOS Developer & Team Window Washer
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Mine is really really wrong!

Online I have set to L/100KM.

Go to the app -
AVG MPG 4.7mpg (should be 17.7Mpg or 13.5L/100km)
Last MPG - 4.9mpg
Best - 4.9mpg

under prices - all 3 are $0.00

Edit Vehicle - try to change it from Miles/Gallons to KM/Liters - Hit save, does nothing.

Under Logs. Last MPG is 4.9 and Best 5.4MPG.
Under fillups. lists 32.00Galons - should be Liters. Lists 1.15$/Gal - should be L. Also last fill up is 4.9Mpg

Switch back to MPG online. Open the app again and it's correct with all MPG information as it should. Average 17.7Mpg/Last 18.6mpg/etc

Edit the car to switch to KM/L and hit save - nothing
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My numbers are screwed up as well.
Went to edit a fill up and the cost was missing, shows in log not in edit, and showed gallons not Liters.
Went to edit vehicle, showed correct but when I saved and went back in it showed Miles and Gallons. Changed Vehicle to Kilometers and Liters, saved went back to edit and it showed Miles and Liters, changed to KM and L saved went back to edit and it shows Miles and Gallons. Basically every time I go in to edit vehicle it changes.

I deleted and reinstalled.
Showed MPG in the 5 - 5.5MPG range, changed to L/100KM showed in the 5 - 5.5L/100KM range, logged out then back in now shows in the 40 - 50L/100KM range
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The new update is slightly worse than the last version.
I use km/l for my mileage and input my fuel-ups in litres.
The old version would somehow convert the kilometres I entered on the computer to miles on the app but it would display the correct km/l.
Now the app displays my distance in correctly converted miles and my fuel ups in US gallons but without converting the amount I have entered in litres to gallons.
So now the km/l displays at about a quarter of what it should be when using the app.
It would be easier if the app was just a basic version of the webpage because everything is always correct when I view the website.
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I have the same issue with the confusion between metric and imperial which results in the wrong data being displayed in the app.
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I'm having the same issues.
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I guess I'm lucky. All my numbers still appear to be correct. However, I've noticed that the location function doesn't work. If I select it, all I get is the spinning pinwheel. Hope they're working on a fix.
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For our international users having issues stated in the OP, we have a fix getting submitted either this evening or tomorrow morning.
This update will also fix the locations bug as well!

Thanks for your patience!
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Why don't "Notes" (ie; service items) entered on show up in the iOS app? Is that intentional?

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