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aCar backup locations?

So... With someone's "bright idea" to move backups to the internal memory AND not telling anyone... My V10 bricked itself and I don't have a way to recover my history.

Any chance that there could be an online backup?

Future suggestion... Why not sync everything on so it can be recovered with new phones or even viewed online?

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Unfortunately, the move back to the internal memory was done by Google with their Android update.

Syncing to Fuelly recently began beta testing. Hopefully it will be ready for production release in 2 to 3 months.

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I, myself am not happy that the backup was moved without notification! I purchased a new Vehicle in December, then purchased the pro version just to be sure I kept up with all the maintenance, etc...I have logged every single gas fill, my trip out of state. I have this set up on auto back-up daily, I had to do a phone switch with my mobile carrier, right before we wiped out my old phone, I did another manual back-up. I get my new phone, and there is no backup! I am truly disappointed at this point.
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