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Originally Posted by JanGeo
NO I'm more concerned with the rims blowing apart!
My comment above also applies to the wheels/rims. They are a system. I have never heard of a report of a wheel exploding.

The yield strength of common structural steel ASTM A36 is 36,000 psi
The yield strength of aluminum magnesium alloy is 17,000 to 30,000 psi.

Originally Posted by JanGeo
But also that tires age so a new tire may meet the spec but we already know that the glue used has a life of about 5 years from when the tire was made - not put into service.
We do? I am not aware of a glue life issue. Please link me to the source of that info.

Anyway, my tires tend to last 3 years max.


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Ive never seen a rim explode or distort due to high tire psi. Curbs, missing manhole covers and things like that seem to play havoc with wheels.

Glue in tires? I can see some sort of adhisive in the rolling assemble of the the tire. Maybe? Surely anything used to hold the mass of rubber, wires, belts and such is distroyed when the tire is put into a molding machine.

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I've seen a rim destroyed because the car was so powerful it ripped the rim apart...the tire withstood those forces though,
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exploding bits

I've heard of wheels expoding, most commen is vintage mag wheels from a porche is what I first read about, the problem was most commen with bursting when seating the bead, apparently that is why alot of tire shops have a steel cage that they inflate the tire in in case either the rim, or tire burst.
static load testing is normaly 5 times the working load, so if you want to know if your tire will handle being inflated to 50 psi going down the road, your max static presure (max presure you can put on the tire without damaging it in a non load condition) should be 5 times that, or 250psi, on a semi that has a side wall presure of 80psi, that static presure would be 400psi, then as I understand it the bursting/braking point is even higher, maybe twice the static number? so a semi tire static tested at 400psi should burst at 800psi under no load test conditions, and I would say tires are under a bit more stress while driving then they are while sitting in a tire shop having the bead seated.

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