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My CRX is now exempt in WA, due to age or year of vehicle.Do you have CA emission parts for either 1984 or 1985 CRX HF? I'll see if I can mechanic who to busy to send photos for me, CRX HF is out of town.

Originally Posted by GasSavers_SWFL View Post
No. I just followed the FSM's procedure. I used a propane torch that I put a rubber hose over the end. I had a timing light with a digital tach on it. The biggest hassle was cutting down a screwdriver to fit between the carb and the firewall. Since I'm going to do all that over again, I might make some videos.

Just the carburetor and emissions control system sections. That will show you what everything does.

The oxygen sensor system doesn't attach directly to the carburetor. It goes on the intake manifold and of course you need the O2 sensor in the exhaust, preferably as close to the factory location. Remember that the oxygen sensor system is very limited in the A/F range it can adjust for. Your carburetor and intake manifold stuff still has to be pretty close to where it's supposed to be.

Depending on how you like to drive, you might want to run a different exhaust manifold or even headers, if you can find them. The Canadian exhaust manifold is a long cast iron tri y set up, which probably flows pretty good.

Why don't you post up a few pics of what's wrong with your vacuum line stuff and your underhood emissions label. I might have some spare parts.

I'm in South West Florida. No emissions testing in WA?

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Right now I've got an; '85 GL Civic, a '86 DX Civic, 2 '86 HFs and a '87 HF, all 49 state emissions.

There wasn't an HF in 1984. The 1.3 CRX was the high fuel mileage model for that year.

Some parts are common for all the 1st Gen CRX.

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Do you have any parts which resemble the photos I posted?
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Thanks. It is a car I am unfamiliar with.

2006 Honda Jazz 1.2i-DSi S Vivid Blue Pearl
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