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Crazy whacked-out FE ideas?


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On the subject of the spring loaded starter - regen braking system and what have you...

Large engines... I mean LARGE engines use compressed air to start... Lets have a regen compressor charge a tank and have a compressed air motor start the engine or at least put some power to the wheels

For long haul applications... convert to a turbine engine.

Waste exhaust heat? Install an ammonia refrigeration system on your exhaust manifold... Recycled heat into air conditioning... Actually, I've always wanted to try this - by converting a continuous cycle propane fridge

Air Brake turbines for regen braking... seems rather inefficient, but hilarious.

Electric powered 5th (or even 6th) wheel... A hybrid conversion :P

It's late... and I'm fried :P

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Originally Posted by theclencher View Post

2. "Collapsable" bodies that "squish" way down at speed and "stand up" at low speed/stops. Aiming for ultimate minimal aero drag at speed via extreme frontal area reduction (think Opel Eco-Speedster or 1L) yet in that configuration much comfort, visibility (outward and by others towards the vehicle), and ability to move around inside is compromised, so when you need to move around a bit, or have more stuff in the car, or are going slowly, or are in town, or are stopped, or want to ingress/egress, you "stand up" the bodywork and have "normal" ergos. Small people would be able to squish down more than big people.

3. Multiple active cylinder arrangements- yes just now we are getting "DOD"; an extreme example of what I'm thinking of is, say, (20) 5HP 1cyl engines that can be run independently and coupled/decoupled from the drivetrain by computer control as HP requirements demand. No pistons going up and down that aren't "working".

7. Opposed piston engine configuration seems like it would reject less heat thus be more efficient. It's an old and proven layout... would it work in the automotive world?
#2 Has already been done. Citroens used air bladder suspensions that could raise and lower the body. I think Firestone-Bridgestone still makes air springs that would make it possible.

#3 should be easy. All it would take is a clutch between the cylinders. It would be expensive, though. Maybe just a single clutch between two boxer twins would be cost effective.

#4 is one of my favorites. A twin cylinder opposed piston two stroke engine would be as smooth as any four, but it would be much lighter and more fuel efficient (due zero heat tranfer to cylinder heads).
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Not wacked ideas probably not new but I would like to see more gears in transmisions for super low cruising rpms. Also gears made from better and less friction material. ( I think there could huge gains in drive train losses)

Auto shutoff. Let off the gas the engine dies. Push on the gas it starts back up.

Higher compression engines that can still run 87 octane.

Preheated everything from oil to coolant to cat. Have fluids maintain 160 degrees, or better, for up to 8 hours.

Economy mode on cruise control so that it would hold load.

Easily programable ECU and TCU for economy. Or even modes you can select.
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I'm still toying with the idea of sails on top of my car's roof on those really windy days. Yesterday, winds were gusting up to 50mph from the SE and ruined my highway FE.

I love that spring-loaded starter idea! It would probably be more durable too.
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I have forever thought of having a 2 engine vehicle. One that just gets you going and one that runs at peak output at 65mph on the highway. For me 95% of the time I would never need the "pusher" motor but even with a small 90 hp 1.9L diesel it is more then I need 80% of the time. Maybe a diesel electric hybrid with a 25 hp diesel engine and 80 hp electric motor and just enough battery to go 5-10 miles?
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Mintr change

As the weather has warmed up the past few days I thought of this:

solar powered engine block heater. Using the heat in the passenger compartment as it sits during the day to warm the engine over ambient temp.

Not too crazy, but I think I will try......

Opps should say "Minor" in the title.

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Automatically inflating and deflating tailcone and nosecone.
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A non-overdrive tranny.

Every gear set in the driveline sucks up about 5% of the net power due to friction. So, you lose ~10% using both an overdrive gearset and a final drive gear set.

Direct drive top gear to the final gear would only lose 5%. This would make the engine scream at highway speeds, so a tall final gear is needed. To compensate, add shorter gears for first, second third, fourth and reverse.
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Hello -

Using the "Solar hot water heater" concept to heat up the coolant. Coolant pipework would have to be modified to have logical "in" and "out" point that would be optimum for recirculation. Electric pump needed would also be external. Only works at home on a sunny day because the black piping would be installed on the roof of the house.


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