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Old 04-01-2008, 05:46 PM   #21
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And where should we wire a $5000 donation to this farce?

Nobody is going to pay YOU to prove that this stuff works. It works the other way around. Prove it works, then collect the money.


I think, therefore I doubt.
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Originally Posted by Matt Timion View Post

Whenever someone recommends vast conspiracies as the reasoning for vehicles getting horrible gas mileage, I have to scratch my head. If Honda, or Toyota, or Ford, could produce a vehicle that gets 200 MPG by simply adding a $1000 device (which probably costs around $30 to make) don't you think they would do it? Oh, and it has no emissions either.

[sarcasm] I can't imagine an auto maker wanting to sell a car that gets 200MPG and has zero emissions... not at all..[/sarcasm]

[Forrest Gump]And that's all I got to say about that[/Forrest Gump]
thats what i question every time, if a company coudl ad a magic box, magnets, cut groves, super gearing or somehting for barely any cost then WHY wouldnt they do it? if they did and got claims those products say they do then said company could be way ahead of the competition and wipe them out if a car 3X the size, power, luxuryness could get 3X the mileage of competitors econoboxes lol

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Old 04-02-2008, 04:59 AM   #23
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Think you are saving gas? Prove it by starting a Gas Log, then conduct a proper experiment.
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The part I liked was the stuff you tip into the fuel tank which "breaks the covalent bonds of gasoline"
Wonder what does it does to the rest of the car?

All that work done by the good people at Mobil, Shell , BP and other refineries undone at the tip of a bottle.

Good for a laugh but these days does anyone really take this stuff seriously?


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