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Laws for all states

I was trying to read up on some laws to see what's allowed and what isn't. I found a listing of laws posted online for all states for Vehicle and Traffic codes. It's worth knowing before making certain modifications.

Although the NY site is down (I drive mostly in NY), my car is registered in NH so I found those laws. The ones pertinent to gassavers (paraphrased):

1. Must have at least one working windshield wiper.
2. Must have a mirror to view behind the car (not necessarily side mirrors if the view from the inside one is unobstructed)

Upcoming mods!
1. Remove passenger wiper
2. Replace exterior passenger-side mirror with interior mirror

If I anticipate hard rain, I'll put the wiper back on.

Find your laws (and print them out and save them in the car in case a cop were to ask) at this site:

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Dead Air Area

I've heard that the airflow around the wipers is generally stagnant. Maybe tying a string or ribbon to the wiper will show the air flow.

Definitely side mirror removal is a good aero choice -- any plans for an inside mirror angled outward?


EDIT: BTW, I looked at your garage -- how did you disable the AWD?

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Originally Posted by GeekGuyAndy View Post

Um, you know if put the driver side wiper on the passenger side, but put it up, like 30 degrees or so from horizontal, the one long wiper will cover almost the whole windshield, minus the upper corners of course. Its been called a ricer single wiper conversion. Maybe I will try it on my car. My driver side wiper is 24 inches long! And take some pics...
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RH77, I think I will tie some strings in that area and see what happens. On my Suby there's actually a lip at the end of the hood which curves up, which I don't think most cars have but I easily could be wrong. I do plan on finding a piece of mirror to put on the inside. I still haven't found out how to take the exterior mirror off as there as no visible bolts or fasteners.

I answered the AWD/FWD in another post, but maybe I should just write it in the garage since people are interested. There's a very small black cap labeled FWD under my hood - looking at the car head on it's in the upper left corner. I put a spare fuse in that, and on my dash there's a light that says FWD.

Slurp, I'll have to see what the range on each actually is. I do think the passenger wiper probably covers more area, but may not be the area I would need for rain. I've been thinking about velcroing a sheet of plastic from under the lip on the hood pressing onto the windshield and covering the wipers also. In rain I could just rip that off rather than have to get out and bolt on the wiper again. Ideas keep coming!
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