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Fortunately you don't represent anyone on these forums but yourself. And it sounds like your trolling.......

1992 D250 (BHAF/ASA Modifieds intake) Biodiesel & WVO/
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Originally Posted by Headshot Zod
Fortunately you don't represent anyone on these forums but yourself. And it sounds like your trolling.......

Be it as it may, I have read and updated your profile. You may want to cut and paste it to make it your own, or perhaps post it on your fridge.



Activist(in your face liberal), quasi-hippie (continues to be part of the problem and never the solution), artsy fartsy music film (commercial failure and european film snob) and literature geek (Fascination with writers that few have heard of and the rest of the civilized world has historically tried to forget) bent on improving the world (through his preconceived notions and judgemental words to people he has never met).
Cape Coral, Florida. A city whose entire population could fit inside the stands at the Indy 500 with room for 75,000 more. Lest we forget Cape Coral's other greatest asset Oh... how very much exclusive
Film, music, literature, and the creation of all three. And very adept at that might I add. With such a strong vocabulary and near infinite command of the Queen's English, the CREATOR demonstrates his intellectual prowess and incorrect grammer by banging his "primate-like" fists upon his keyboard (whilst screaming like Steve Ballmer for a diaper change and a banana) that "Jersey drivers suck though."
Location sound recordist and sound engineer (In a swamp in Florida since he couldn't make it in a real city that actually produces movies or has a nationally recognized music scene.

So pipe down kid and I'll try to keep an open mind about your existence during the next hurricane season.
Jesus Christ, learn how to take a joke.

By the way, the reason I live in Cape Coral is because I'm 20 years old, live with my parents and am still breaking into the industry. I am from New York City and get most of my work there, so I don't think that your "failed to make it in a real city" comment makes any sense whatsoever, especially considering how work is picking up for me and that I've been quite busy lately. I know that the city [sic] of Cape Coral sucks, am not proud of living here. I can't wait until I can afford to move home.

I think that your petty attempt at an attack on my character after making a bad joke about Jersey drivers (and being from New York, I am entitled to complain about Jersey drivers) exposes your own insecurity. The fact that you felt the need to go through my profile and criticize everything about me without knowing any details about me or my life is a tad ludicrous if you ask me. Grow up.

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Write on!

Originally Posted by repete86
Grow up.
Good call!

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