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stop/start systems

Anyone seen this yet?

There is a similar system from Valeo that will be used in the upcoming Smart for example:

Wonder if you could retrofit that Bosch system in existing cars. 8 percent in the city doesn't seems pretty good.

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McPatrick -

I think I saw the Valeo one. Aren't they testing with delivery trucks in the UK right now? The Bosch one sounds familiar too, because I think Valeo and Bosch have had working agreements,

I would categorize this as one of the first "real" MPG performance mods that GasSavers have been craving.

Why can't regular cars have stop/start systems retrofitted to them to save idle gas?

It reminds me of a cleaner simpler version of this mild hybrid retrofit system :

The company is currently developing four products for the automotive industry. The following is a list of their products in development.

1. Electrocharger Mild Hybrid System (MHS) - The world's first retrofittable mild hybrid electric drive system that enables any vehicle to become a hybrid. Fuel savings of up to 30% with a mild assist in acceleration performance. Available Winter 2007.

2. Electrocharger Plug-In Hybrid System (PHS) - The world's first retrofittable plug-in hybrid electric drive system that enables any vehicle to become a plug-in hybrid. Fuel savings of up to 60% can be acheived with this system along with mild increase in accleration rate. Available Winter 2007.

3. IdleStop Idle Elimination System - The only non-invasive pure electric cab comfort system for Class 7 & 8 Heavy Trucks that completely elimates idling for up to 8 hours while the driver rests. Substantial fuel savings and emissions reductions are the result of installing the IdleStop system. Available Fall 2007.

4. PEM Electric Drive System - The greatest step toward the realization of the electric car by reducing the battery pack requirements and extending the range of the zero emission vehicle. Available Spring 2008.
In the above, you should add about 1 year to the proposed release times, because I still haven't seen one product released to the public yet .


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Very cool. Now if only we could convince them to add a manual input to their controller. Any upcoming red, yellow, or stale green intersection is a candidate for a quick button-push and early engine kill. Adding an extra five, ten, fifteen seconds of coast-in to each such light could push that "up to eight percent" considerably higher.

Not to mention the potential of a dash switch for EOC P&G.

Even without the manual input, it's nice to see things going in the right direction occasionally.

who notes that Virginia motor vehicle law prohibits coasting "downhill" and on a "highway"... which implies it's technically legal in a city and on flats or uphill. (Well, until some hypermiler wins a case in court based on that and they change the wording to close the loophole. )
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I wonder how this system would effect overall engine life?
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Good question. An electric oil and maybe water pump would be wise. Also, a modified starter motor that's in constant mesh with the flywheel ring gear would greatly reduce wear on both the pinion and ring gear teeth. Though a constant mesh starter would require either a clutch, or a brushless motor design to keep freewheeling drag to a minimum.
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But once you go to a constant mesh brushless motor, you are half way to having a hybrid. That would just make too much sense.

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I thought they use starter/generators, like a marine engine.

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