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Question 94 CA VX sporadic odometer

My 94 VX has an odometer problem. Previous owner stated that the odometer didn't work, so he swapped in a EX gauge cluster. I've owned the car for maybe 100 miles and see that the odometer works accurately sometimes, stops sometimes, and sometimes runs, but clocks very inaccurately. Also, CEL comes on sporadically, seems to come on when odometer stops. Speedo seems to work fine at all times.

Do you think that I have another bad gauge cluster? Short in the wiring somewhere? Bad ECU? Bad or shorted speed sensor?

Help. I'm anxious to start clocking my MPG but having a tough time without the odometer.

Paul W.
Torrance, CA
94 Civic VX (1st Honda since my 75 Civic CVCC)

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Do you have the helm pdf for your VX?


Page 23-140 shows that an odometer that operates but registers wrong is either that the vehicle speed sensor is installed incorrectly or that the printed circuit board on the gauge cluster is faulty.

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First test your CEL. Using a paper clip, jump the smaller of the two jumpers with the ignition ON (engine doesn't need to be running) and count the CEL blinks. It will do long blinks first -- count those--and then short blinks, count those. The long blinks represent the 10s place, and the short blinks the ones place. So if you had 3 long blinks and 6 short blinks your code would be 36. I assume the Manual linked to you above will have a section for looking up codes.

Here's a pic of the jumpers you want to jump (jump the one with two holes)
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My CEL jumper code reads 48, Lean Air Fuel Sensor. Is that the same as the 02 sensor? Seems unrelated to the odometer issue.

I have a California car. Is that 4 wire 02 sensor available. I always see talk of the 5 wire, but not the 4.

[EDIT: Found this o2 sensor on Denso website:
Regular Class Universal O2 sensor 234-4209 FRONT; California; $43.69
Super Class OE identical O2 sensor 234-4099 FRONT; California; $45.85
Seems awfully cheap to me. Worth a try unless anyone here knows why not.]

Following is a list of the jumper codes:
-----CEL # List-----
1 O2A - Oxygen sensor #1
2 O2B - Oxygen sensor #2
3 MAP - manifold absolute pressure sensor
4 CKP - crank position sensor
5 MAP - manifold absolute pressure sensor
6 ECT - water temperature sensor
7 TPS - throttle position sensor
8 TDC - top dead centre sensor
9 CYP - cylinder sensor
10 IAT - intake air temperature sensor
12 EGR - exhaust gas recirculation lift valve
13 BARO - atmospheric pressure sensor
14 IAC (EACV) - idle air control valve
15 Ignition output signal
16 Fuel injectors
17 VSS - speed sensor
19 Automatic transmission lockup control valve
20 Electrical load detector
21 VTEC spool solenoid valve
22 VTEC pressure valve
23 Knock sensor
30 Automatic transmission A signal
31 Automatic transmission B signal
36 traction control found on JDM ecu's
41 Primary oxygen sensor heater
43 Fuel supply system
45 Fuel system too rich or lean
48 LAF - lean air fuel sensor
54 CKF - crank fluctuation sensor
58 TDC sensor #2
61 Primary oxygen sensor
63 Secondary oxygen sensor circuit
65 Secondary oxygen sensor heater wire (black wires)
67 Cat Converter
71 random misfire cylinder 1
72 random misfire cylinder 2
73 random misfire cylinder 3
74 random misfire cylinder 4
80 EGR Valve/Line
86 ECT sensor - Cooling System
91 Fuel Tank pressure sensor
92 EVAP Solenoid/Valve/Vacuum Lines

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