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front wheel air deflectors installed

here's some pictures of my attempt at improveing my cars aerodynamics... i initially was going to fair over the entire lower opening of the bumper but that proved to be impossibe... there was nothing to attach this fairing to and i couldn't install something to attach it to as the exhoust was in the way so out of the window with that idea.

the next best thing seemed to be somethign i'm noticing on a lot of vehices recently... either as part of the bumper or as cheap plastic flaps...basically it's an airdamextention in front of the wheels and the suspention

initially the fairings where straight and there was a 3d bit in the center that was angled backwards to shield the lower engine but it felt draggy and it seemed to make the car get hotter. also coast down test showed there was no real improvement

so finally i decited that they where to broad and the center section dit not work in this setup. however as i removed the center i noticed i could use the metal strips holding it in place to fold the outer sections backwards... makeing them smaller and potentially more aerodynamic as the air could follow the surface backwards rather then trip over an edge.

they might still be a bit to tall but i'm waiting untill the end of this tank to see if i need to trim them... for now they seem to make the car more stable and the the car seems to coast better too

unfortunately both the weather is getting much better and i had to adjust the carb, so it's hard to judge the effectiveness of this setup, but after a few weeks something might start to show in my tank to tank fillups.

here's what it looks like

i don't think this looks to bad in fact i like the fact they're hard to spot... you can also see the white internal grillblock in this pic

a view trough the wheelwell... not much there as you can see


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Looks good!

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It does look nice. Congrats on the DIY.

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I have some myself.
I used flexible rubber that I bought at my work.
I have had them on for over six months.
I hit the driveway everyday and yet still no damage.
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With those flexible air dams you should have someone drive next to you and see if they are flapping/moving around. The have to be strong and not bounce around in order to work. A lot of times when a panel is loose and flapping around it will work against you and create a lot more drag. They look great, and you can easily install some metal strips behind them to hold everything straight. I just saw write up from someone else who did the same thing but also used Gorilla glue to attach aluminum strips on the back side. He clamped it all in place until it dried, looked awesome. You dont see the metal at all.
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