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Could you not buy a new item for one year?

I could. But would I. There are two in this household. If I did, I would probably be doing it alone.

I am like others here. Used items when possible. Make do with what I have as much as I can. Scrouge.

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Originally Posted by onegammyleg
I already have my own ways of recycling.

I certainly hope that you aren't insulting dumpster diving! Freegan food is the best kind. It's hard to believe what a supermarket or gas station will throw away. 7-11 throws away all of their sandwiches every morning, which means that you could eat fresh 7-11 sandwiches every day of the week for free if you wanted to. Behind a Publix yesterday I found a bag of fresh apples. They were throws away because they had bruises on them. A few days ago we got a full pizza that was still hot out of a Papa John's because it was the wrong order. I just spend the weekend with a bunch of eco-anarchists out in the woods, so pretty much everything we ate was dumpstered. It's a great way to cut down on waste and save money at the same time.

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My friends and I took over $400 worth of dumpstered food during a power outage in November. It was freezing cold out, and due to the electricity being out, all the frozen food in the grocery store we squatted out was piled neatly into boxes and thrown outside so that it wouldn't thaw in the grocery store. The food was later placed into a dumpster. The outside temperature of about 20 degrees acted like a freezer, and the food was completely fresh. Ice cream, cakes, frozen dinners, everything was still good.

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