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If you had a way of finding out many KW hours of electricity was being used to get x many electrical miles out of your C-max (including charger inefficiency), then combining that with your gasoline MPG then you'd get an overall MPGe and that would be good data for Fuelly. Otherwise some fuel is not accounted for. Once you get towards 150MPG you might as well say infinity MPG and that doesn't make any sense

With the 120V charger you could put a kill-a-watt meter inline to find the power usage and get the number and reset each time you refill the gas tank and combine the MPG. With 240V you'd need a different meter.

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The Energi provides that data on a summary screen. I haven't bothered posting it because Fuelly can't use it anyway. I will provide a summary screen-shot next fill-up (sorry, won't be until May)for everyone jonesing to dissect that data. Everyone seems very concerned that I've forgotten the electrical component when quite frankly,it just doesn't particularly matter to me right now. I'm still content with knowing I can travel almost 2000 miles whilst burning less than 13 gallons of gas (yes, with assistance from the lowly kW, marshmallows, or whatever). Just unclear why Fuelly will report 2000 miles on a tank for a Prius Plug-in, but that data is kicked off the island when I try posting numbers slightly less than that for my Energi. Was just sharing range per tank.

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DozerBob, you posted the Volt Fuelly page link, but why is it that the car doesn't show up if you browse vehicles. Somehow is the car hidden?
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>... but why is it that the car doesn't show up if you browse vehicles. ...

It's excluded from the browse because it is a plug-in, and Fuelly doesn't support plug-ins (because it can't record the electricity used).

The same applies to certain other categories of vehicle, such as trucks. Their individual pages exist but you can't browser to them.
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So, I decided to re-name my car (fka "it's-a-it's-a") 'Bob' on fuelly.com and re-enter all the original data. We are now allowed to by-pass/override the 'unrealistic data' notification per the following:

Add a Fuel-up : Bob

We found the following problem with your submission, please correct:

Looks like the number of miles you entered is unrealistic for a single tank. If you really went 1967.5 miles for this tank, click Fuel-up! below to bypass this check.

I was finally able to do so, and so now my data seems to be posting correctly, except it wouldn't accept the initial miles/gas purchased by the dealership prior to our possession of the car. Thank you to Fuelly for FINALLY making this work (only took 4 months of crabbing about it). For those who will now cry foul because of the kWh 'problem', that data is in my Notes, and on the screen shot for the car (however, I did not include wind-speed, barometric pressure, my shoe or cup size, or other supposedly meaningful data)...digest at your leisure. Again, thanks to Fuelly for the progress.
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For all those complaining about the lack of accountability of the electric usage of our Plug Ins.

I had the electrician put an electric meter in front of the EVSE Here you go
4/27/13 - 5/ 7/13 99KW
5/ 7/13 - 6/ 5/13 308KW
6/ 5/13 - 7/ 5/13 215KW
7/ 5/13 - 8/ 5/13 299KW
8/ 5/13 - 9/ 4/13 287KW
9/ 4 13 - 10/ 4/13 315KW
10/ 4/13 - 11/ 4/13 321KW
11/ 4/13 - 12/ 5/13 334KW
12/ 5/13 - 1/ 8/13 364KW
That's 2542KW @ $0.164 or $416.89
plus $106.04 spend in Gasoline

Or $522.93 to travel 10416 Miles

Happy now?
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That's great!


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