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HF is in, and SVOboy is the man!

Just to let y'all know, Ben (SVOboy) drove to my house yesterday, and helped put in my hf tranny. I would also like to say that he worked like a madman, while I more or less pondered what I was supposed to be doing next, for which he gave excellent guidance.
It was a success, and we had only two minor snags, one stripped bolt hole (not too important), and a stuck speed sensor in the old tranny (for which Ben has a replacement).
In case any of you don't know the type of guy that Ben is, I think you should, and I hope you don't mind me saying, Ben.
When after 9 and a half hours of sweat and grease I offered to make a small, and I must stress it was small donation to his head swap fund, for which he is currently trying to fund as you probably all well know, he told me of a website (mercycorps.com) where my money is be more needed...the Sudan Relief Fund. That is true character.
there will soon be a donation made in his honor, which doesn't at all solve my feeling of indebtedness to Ben himself. Oh well.
The hf tranny is in, and it is gloriously slow. I can't wait to see results!

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congrats! yea thats just south jersey love right there!

your lucky there were no snags... his car was quiet a different story!

don't waste your time or time will waste you
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I'm going to be very interested in seeling the difference now that hte new transmission is in. Keep a mental note of your MPG up to this point, and then compare it to your 90 day average in 3 months or so.
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You should've labeled this in your gaslog fool, I had to go and find this ish by myself to figure out your numbers, fool!
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You'll love it...I love my HF tranny!
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