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Late introduction 1992 Civic VX

I would have liked to wait till i could post some pics with the VX rims on, but it looks like my tires won't come in till the end of the week, so here it goes:

I'm Patrick, live close to Dayton, OH, but am originally from the Netherlands where I drove a 1991 CRX VTEC (original VTEC edition with leather interior), which I unfortuantely couldn't bring with me, nor my wife's 1989 CRX.

Once overhere we had little money to spend, well still do actually, and with gas prices going up I was looking for cars with good mpg that were reliable, so this year I have been the owner of a hatchback DX, went to a CX from there and after reading about the VX and really getting into the mpg 'number game' I looked for a VX and found one two weeks ago not too far from me.

I got 50 mpg once with the CX (all high way), so I'm curious what I will get with the VX. I have always driven with looking ahead far (more than one traffic light away) and the only thing I will have to force myself to do is drive slow on the highway (which is a challenge combatted with some good music).

I just missed a couple of VX's already and pretty much bought this one over the phone with just having seen two small pictures. As always the car looked less good in reality and the body definately needs some work, but the engine seems to be in good shape. The VX was bought with 3 steelies and one alloy on there, but luckily the other three alloys are in the back and as soon as my Kumho's in isze 155/80 R13 come in I will have them all four on there. I'm sure that will improve looks and hopefully mpg as well. The VX cost me $1595.

A friend of mine helped me do a tune up (about $150 in OEM parts + fluids) and with the first half tank of gas, mostly still driven before the tune up, I got 50.66 mpg and I hope after putting the tires/alloys on to be able to get into the high 50's (at least on the interstate).

I'm a stay at home dad and we will use the VX as much as we can which means my wife will put like 200 miles a week on it and we will use it on weekends and for longer trips, so I'll have to see how she does with it. Right now she hates it (probably because of the color) but I am trying to win her over by getting the AC fixed

My ultimate goal is to bring this VX back to a really nice condition, which will include fixing the rust (do some welding) and next year, money allowing, do a good repaint on it.

Anyways, I love this site. Not just for the mpg ideas but also for the great support/answering tech questions about the VX. Cool group of people and I hope to stick around for quite a while.

Ok, going oustide now to take a few pics of it and then I'll make some more with the alloys on it next week. Here they go:


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Hi McPatrick -

Welcome to GS! It seems like you got the VX for a good price. It's always nice when a VX finds a good home .


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those are some nasty looking dents in the drivers door, if they aren't rusty, nor to deep you might try some glass filled bondo, and spray paint mixed from the paint code, should cost about $20 and about two hours, and make it look alot prettier, of course better then bondo would be epoxy with some sort of fill in it like micro bubbles, or even some saw dust to help save weight, but epoxy is much stronger then normal bondo, altho harder to find.
In my opinion you got a good deal on the car, unless something is horbly wrong with it, and it doesn't sound like it, other then cosmetic stuff, and the AC.
I like to think of cars like the VX as an investment, as there isn't really anyway of it going down in value, unless gas becomes compleatly unavalible, and if that happens who knows what you should have invested in.
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Just gonna say hi since you took the time to post up an intro, lol. I have some links to rust repair panels in my VX links.

Honda Civic VX Info/Links
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Wow $1595 for a VX that isn't a primered, beat up shell. I'm jealous of your car and mileage.

Welcome to the site
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I was looking at getting that same car I think? Was it in Marysville Ohio?
The price, color, and wheels are right so I am pretty sure it's the car. Good Deal! Glad a gassaver got it!
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Welcome, welcome.

Another VX making me wonder what life would be like back in the Honda camp...

How come it had 3 steelies on it?
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Originally Posted by mrmad View Post
Wow $1595 for a VX that isn't a primered, beat up shell. I'm jealous of your car and mileage.
I just noticed this one (don't know any more):
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Yes, it is the one that was for sale in Marysville, OH. It had three steelies on it because the tires on the allow ones were bad and I guess the former owner just bought some used wheels with decent tires on them and didn't go through the trouble of putting them on the alloys. Personally I can't wait till I can get all alloys on there again

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