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New guy here.


I have a 92 Civic Si HB. Right now it has an AEM CAI that I may take off depending on how 'enthused' I get about FE. It has also been lowered about an inch using H&R OEM springs and Illumina dampers. It is an absolute blast to drive and is strictly a commuter car. My drive to work is 18 miles on a twisty-turny, nearly deserted road, some slight hills and 4 stops from my driveway to my job, . I have done this drive so fast that I dare not put the numbers in writing. My civic was purchased out of my love for the d16z6 and the double wishbones and not so much for it's FE. Since I am now 40 and a father of a 1 year old son, I have decided to improve my chances of living longer by slowing down (this has nothing to do with my wife threatening to kill me if I don't grow up... honest). To keep myself interested in driving slower I have been trying to get my mpg up to 40 for a few tanks now.

I'm getting between 35 and 38 by shifting earlier and just not driving like an idiot. Back when I was driving crazy I was averaging 30-34mpg. These numbers are from the odometer, the gas pump, and a calculator. I haven't sprung for anything on-board yet.

I have been reading this site for a couple of days and I think I'll try 40psi tire pressure next and see where that takes me (I know if I start driving like a fool again, 40 psi will take me into a ditch). I'm not ready to swap transmissions or add any cardboard yet but who knows what the future holds as long as I'm there to see it.

That about sums things up,

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Welcome to the site!

- UfoTofU

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Welcome to GasSavers:

For the drive you describe, you ought to look into EOC or Codfishing. The hill's and isolated nature should make it a particularly effective source of greater mileage.

Glad to hear your wife didn't have anything to do with getting you to slow down.
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welcome to the site
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As an X road rager Welcome (I have a loving wife too, she tells me to say that) Its more fun to save gas.
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Hey, welcome to the site.

Biggest gains will come from driving technique - and they're free!

I agree with Gary - coasting engine off will net some of the biggest gains from technique. Treat the engine like a hybrid: it only runs when it's accelerating or cruising the car, otherwise it's off.
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The 2 first habits I have been trying to break are accelerating out of turns and listening to loud fast music/mood driving.

Accelerating out of turns has been a bear for me stop, but, it is amazing, if I let the tires and suspension do their job, the car stays on the road just fine without my 'help'.

I have decided to just turn the stereo off. I have also found that focusing on the sound of the tires on the road helps me stay aware of how much acceleration I'm using. With the the CAI, when I press the accelerator, the tire noise is inaudible, when I coast, it comes back.

I'm not sure if my drive would be good for engine off coasting. There are lots of blind curves and the hills are very short and steep in nature. I'd hate to get rearended by someone driving like I used to drive, even though it is a low traffic road, there would always be that chance.

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