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throttle body pinging??

Hi is ther someone that has done the air bleed under throttle body injection
I have a bad pinging developing after a wile ?? what is the best way to stop it and keep the improvements????

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The pinging is a result of bypassing the TB. You could try limiting the amount of air by letting less air bleed in in order to hopefully reduce the pinging while still running a littel lean, but if you're running too lean you'll get detonation and run the risk of blowing your engine.

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I think if i could get that type of FE i would have no problem driving a dildo shaped car.
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Hi gashog

I would first determine what is the cause of the ping b4 making any changes.

Qestions I'de ask are...
Is my fuel quality the same as b4 the ping ?
Has there been any change to the ignition settings , either through manual adjustment , wear or broken parts.
Am I burning oil that can lead to cylinder head carbon deposits?
Has there been high than normal temperatures , either ambient or shown on the dashes temp gauge.?
Have I developed a driving style that loads up the engine too much at low revs (labouring) ?
Has any PCV or emission hose come off , leaking more vacuum.?
Has any EFI sensors or plugs broken or in some way become faulty ? (assuming efi + eng mangement here)
Has the engine backfired which can eaisly damage vane type air flow meters ? (assuming efi + eng mangement here)

There is more that could be asked but theres something to look at.
If after discounting all possibilities then you could assume you extra bleed is passing too much air.
Personaly I wouldn't use an extra bleed setup , either on a EFI or carb'd car.
If it was a carbied car ide jet it up rite or if it was an EFI car ide make small adjustments by adjusting the value of the temperature sensor and large changes by writting a new chip , or by replacing the ECU.

Reson for this is that if you bleed too much air the computer may see it as a fault and put the engine check light on and give excessively rich mixtures and docile ignition settings in a limp home mode.

Thereby blowing your FE straight down the toilet.
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