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I keep my A/C (compressor) off as much as possible of course to save engine energy. But has anyone ever done a study of how much engine power, and this fuel, things like the radio, headlights, windshield wipers, blinkers, etc. use? I use my blinkers only when necessary or for safety reasons because I seem to think I am saving gas LMAO and I want to save the bulbs.

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If you do a search you should come up with results on that. Someone did a test on how much current draw there was while using different accessories. The data is on the site, you just have to track it down.

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The difference in energy between night and day driving is about .1gph at idle on my xB but you can just add up the watts for the lights and see how may they take - not too much. Better to not get a ticket for running dark or failing to signal a turn. Figure 9000 watt hours in a gallon of gas at 25% engine conversion efficiency.
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25%? wow that's alot!
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hehe heres the thing, lights turnsinglas are a must to use, i dont belive that a blinker (it flashes so its not on all the time) is really going to dig into your fuel saving that much. its unmeasurable! lol bulbs.. i havent bulb a bulb in a VERY long time. i always snag a whole bunch every time when i go to the junkyard. i mean who the hell goes to the junkyard to buy a lightbulb! (or spend the $2 for a pack of 2 at wallyworld, i can find enough change in junkyard cars to pay for those bulbs )

windshiled wipers yea the motor draws a few amps when its on...(once again not to often do you need to use it on high or low, usualyl delys)

radio is about an amp at moderate listening levels.

BUT id rather waste the mL of gas to run all those things so i dont have to pay a $100+ ticket...
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Heater fan 1st setting 3 Amps
Heater fan 2nd setting 5.4 Amps
Heater fan 3rd setting 8 Amps
Heater fan 4th (highest) setting 11 Amps
all of those numbers were fresh air coming in, switch to recurculation and it added .4 amps to the highest setting due to added air drag.

Brake lights 3.2 amps

After market Radio varried from about .6 up to 4 amps depending on vollume, around 1.5-2 at normal vollume.

Cranking for about 5 seconds gave a starter draw of about 138 amps.

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