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Another Ethos FR email

i've gotten a few emails regarding Ethos Fuel Reformulator. here is the most recent one:

You may have heard of this product Ethos FR, but just in case you have not I want to let you know that it really works.

[link removed]

Please just check out the web site to see what the news is saying about this product.

Thannk you and have a great day.
The link sends me to a users page on another website. In other words, it's either a dealer site or a MLM scheme.

Further investigation makes it clear that it is a MLM scheme. The company where this page was hosted charges you $15/mo to be a dealer of Ethos FR. That's right folks, YOU have to pay to sell a product. That's a warning sign right there.

And what is this rattling evidence that the Ethos FR people have that their product actually works?

Three videos showing local news channels saying it works. Forget for a moment that I once saw a news report out of Idaho claiming that you can increase you fuel economy by putting a sticker on your gas tank that projects a hologram into your tank. In my mind a news report is no more credible than a circus clown when it comes to gas mileage...

but we're overlooking that.

The videos are as follows:

I do notice two important factoids. First of all, the third video won't work for me. Secondly, all of the cars they test are old enough to not have fuel injection. IOW, they are carburated vehicles. An improperly adjusted carb will not burn all of the gas. This product may actually work on carbed vehicles, but I have serious misgivings about it working on fuel injection (the 'incomplete combustion' claim once again makes me doubtful).

A word to the salesmen: If you want to sell your product, give us free samples and we'll test it. If your sales site is a pre-made site that is given to you for free when you pay your dues then I will not take your site or product seriously. Oh, and news reports are no substitute for real scientific study.

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Yes, ethos salespeople have indeed given samples at times, I only know of dan off hand, who said no dice.
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I see them on myspace all the time. I have been approached by more than 10 ethos sellers. lol

That whole thing is a joke. Whenever I tell them that it doesn't work they tell me I'm just a broke looser (referring to the "outstanding business oportunity").

They all think they are going to get rich selling this junk. What a joke.
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Yup, no dice. Dont waste your money.

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