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My Grandfather got 18 MPG on his 1965 Galaxy when it was new...I just think it's awful that America has not progressed only 10 mpg in 46 years and the cost has gone up 10 times.

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Re: Fleecing

It's all about priorities. In the US market, fuel economy just isn't that large of a priority compared to power, amenities, SUV shape/style, legal emissions requirements, and crash survival.

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Re: Fleecing

My '66 Corvair with 2 carbs, 2 speed auto, and no lockup converter gets 30 mpg so no, we really have not progressed much at all. :/
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Re: Fleecing

They have made some great advancements in Safety, Emissions, and Longevity. The consumer has no interest in FE... will maybe until now.
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Re: Fleecing

I heartily agree. I used to drive a friends '91 infinity G20 5 speed. it had more power on paper, LOTS more power in fact, and got the same mileage as my fiancees 03 mazda protege does. I also fit a 36" CRT in it that didn't fit in my mom's 03 lesabre. older Jap compact cars FTW!

FE stayed the same, power and longevity have gone up massively, emissions and maintenance requirements have gone down massively. It's all about the consumers. yea, a lot of people on this forum would love to drive a late 80s/early 90s 50+ mpg (stock w/o trying) civic boosted with 20 years of engine advancements to get even better mileage with the same (low) power and light car but really, it's a niche market. not enough people would buy it to make money and that's what it's really about.
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