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Fleet card for personal use?

I'm looking for a credit card that's universally accepted and allows entry of statistics at the pump.

I used to work for a company that owned a fleet of vehicles. We were assigned cards and they would only work for fuel, maintenance, towing, or other automotive related expenses...

Additionally, they required you to enter a vehicle ID number, driver ID number, and mileage at the pump.

I'd like to get one of these for my wife and I since I have a hard time doing this kinda stuff on the go. My wife either forgets to send me a message when she fills up or I end up with a pile of receipts that I pull from my pockets when I do my laundry... Then my statistics in fuelly get all screwed up.

It seems all these cards are geared towards larger companies or have a small network of fuel stations that they work with.

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You asked this exact same question back in July. Did the answers there help at all?

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My response would have been. Take a picture of the pump when you are done filling up with your phone and then one of your odometer. That way you will have it. Providing of course you have a picture taking capable phone. lol

I do this, when either the pump fails to print me a receipt or I forget to get one from the cashier. But I'm pretty anal about getting all my purchases entered, so I guess I don't have as much issue with it as you may have.

As to an actual card, I doubt you will find one that is setup for personal use in that fashion, however you can always quiz MasterCard, Visa or Discover to see if they offer cards with the feature, and what bank(s) may support this.

Good luck.
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Most large companies I've seen with delivery vehicles have this type of card. I know for sure that FedEx kinkos and OfficeMax do, check with the store managers and ask them what is the card companies name on the monthly statement, they may even have a phone number for them.
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