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Got a VX (again)!

After I sold the VX last year to make (financial) room for my wife's 1991 CRX HF I have always on and of been looking at VX's, but they never seem for sale in this area. Kidan stopped looking an then last weekend for fun I looked on Craigslist once again and what do you know..a 1995 VX with AC (well, the system since it is missing the belt, but at least I can have AC again if I wanted to) for sale 45 minutes away. I emailed and didn't hear back so I thought maybe it was a hoax (email harvesting) because the price for that mint looking VX seemed low as well namely $2300, but then around 8.00 pm I got an email and looked at it right that night at the lights of a gas station. It is near mint, just has some bubbling starting on one side behind the rear wheel arch, and I got it for $2200. It's teal as the ugly one I had last year, but it looks so nice that even my wife was impressed (and she thinks I only buy rust buckets)
The gas price is up to $3.59 around here and it just made me wonder how long it wil be untill a larger audience out there finally start knowing about gas savers like this. If that happens I expect the prices to go up big time all of a sudden as you can already see happening with the Honda Insight that is better known than the elusive VX version.
I see people on here sometimes commenting on VX's that are 'reported' in the for sale section about how high the price is as soon as the price is 3K or more, but personally I believe that if you really want one...better get it fast.
Who knows when it will happen, maybe when gas hits $4.00 but at some point news papers will think that the audience might like to read about these nifty gas saving cas they were already making in the 80' and 90's. These articles already exist of course, but I am talking lots of news papers bringing these articles out as people will start discussing gas prices more and more.

I read somewhere that the VX's ordered in the 1992 - 1995 period only consisted of about 5 percent of the Civic sales. makes me wonder what absolute number that would come to then. And how many are still driving around with the original engine and transmission? Just wondering

Anyways..stoked to have one again and hopefully I can hang on to this one...just need to find a good reason to have three cars with two adults in the household

I'll add some pictures here soon.

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Sounds like a great find, and a super price, especially if you can halt the rust. That's what I would try to do.

I agree with you that a VX is a good investment. They are rare and unknown. I think the latter will change; the former will not.

"I read somewhere that the VX's ordered in the 1992 - 1995 period only consisted of about 5 percent of the Civic sales."

I've tried to find VX production statistics, and haven't been able to do that. My hunch is that it's less than 5%, but I'd love to have exact numbers.

I think at the time all 3-dr Civics for North America were built in Canada. And I think Honda Canada, at the time, was building about 100,000 vehicles a year. So that helps narrow it down, but it would be nice to have more precise numbers. My wild guess is that there are only a few thousand VXs that are still on the road and in good shape. I think a lot of Hondas from that era have died of rust.
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